Let us bring our "fondita " to your home or business. Home - cooking style Mexican cuisine is what we are all about. We offer a variety of options, from Frijoles Campesinos to 24hr achiote & citrus marinated pork better known as Cochinita Pibil. is going to leave your guests wanting more!

"Cochinita & Co. catered our family reunion and everyone LOVED it! Kids & grown ups alike. Thanks ladies!!"

                      -Michael Meagher


Cochinita & co. loves participating at Houston events. We have shared our love for Mexican food at The Raven Tower, DOG POP UP with Neue C, Legacy Clinic Grand Opening Event, National Taco Tuesday @ Campesino Coffee House, Sazon Sundays @ Belvedere, & Beer, Beats & Bikes with Neue.

"Cochinita was way too awesome and their food is amazing"

        - Hector Garcia, Neue

& MORE...